How to Answer the Let Me Think About it Objection!

This objection handling training will reveal to you how to get your prospects to make a precise decision.This will take your prospects for saying ‘Let me think about it’, to making a decision to proactively taking action with the possibility of joining you, or saying NO without making you feel rejected.

So you share your business with a prospect and they seem interested and showing all the positive gestures. Then they give you the dreaded…

“You know, this is great but I just need time to think about it…”

I am sure this sounds familiar…?

We usually get this a lot and I can tell you that I would get real frustrated when I get this kind of response. Really, what is there to think about?

We reach out to our prospects with excitement about our products, services or business and expect them to feel the same. We feel like getting poured a cold bucket of water when they do not catch the same vision as us!

I am going to share with you the strategies and tips I have learnt from successful network marketers, on handling these types of objections. These are not enthusiastic responses or excuses that your prospects give you after you share about your products or business. The thing is to collect a decision – a YES or NO will do. I’ll help you to get more decisions faster to build the business more effectively.

So What Are These Objections?

Objections: Things that prospects say to you when you approach them very excited or nervous about your Business. The Not so positive excuses they provide you, to avoid committing.

They are the ‘concerns’ prospects present, or the obstacles we have to go through to the YES or No. Actually there is real fear and pain or a problem that is behind that.

I’ve had my fair share of objections. In fact, in the beginning I took them personally. I am sure you feel the same way.

Not to worry, I am here to provide you with the tools to respond to the objection of ‘Thinking about things’ and to get the commitment. Or just to walk away knowing you tried your best and leaving the negativity behind.

The moment I started applying these in my business prospecting and presentations, I started to feel more confident about our business and also started collecting more definitive decisions!

Considers the fact that people do have different personalities and life situations, so we have to tailor our strategy to different people.

I see a lot of trainers teach you to “sweep away” the prospect’s concerns or questions.

The truth is, some people really cannot afford your product or service even if they need it desperately! So, they come up with the “Let me go think about it” answer to your presentation!

Other people are dependent on their partners or parents, because they are either jobless or low-income earners. So, they truly need to consult the Financier! And Single parents, really have to juggle finances so they definitely may have things to think about…

So, you need to get them to share with you the real problem behind their first answer to you. This will win you a life admirer and future client/customer/teammate.

This technique if applied effectively and consistently will help you build your online/network marketing team faster. You will come across as super professional, that person others want to work with and be led by!

Here are some tips that you can use…

(a) Be prepared for these objections
(b) Do not take objections personally. They are not rejecting you, but the product and business that can help them change their    lives.
(c) Remember that most people cannot make snap decision. They have fears and need to trust you.
(d) Prep them up even before you make the presentation to them. For example say – this presentation is so important that it can literally change your life!
(e) Do not be rude with them. Be gracious and understanding. They may be serious about having to think about it.
– Ask them if they have any question or concerns. Genuinely listen to them.
– Ask them politely what further information do they need?
– Ask them how long do they need to think about it and when you can get back to them. If they reply with one month or more, ask them if it is a resource issue?
– In extreme cases you can ask them, ‘are you just saying it’ or you are really going to think about it!

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That’s all and I wish you the very best.

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