Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities

Finding a legitimate work at home opportunity is a dream for many people, and it was for me too!

When I first found out that it was possible, I was completely amazed.

However, when I started, I didn’t have much experience. I was fresh out of high school and did not have any experience.

With my own experience and extensive research, I have compiled a current list here for your reference!

I have divided it into several sections all the way from survey/microwork up to larger (potentially contract) positions.

I sincerely hope this can help anyone looking to start their journey!

Legitimate Work At Home Opportunity List


Short Task

Get paid to solve the tasks you choose. Pays in dollars once your work is approved.

Fancy Hands

Get paid to be an online personal assistant! From my experience, the pay is decent per task, around $3-5 a task approximately. Some pay more, whereas some come with bonuses!


Join for free and earn money/gift cards (through points) from taking surveys and searching the web. Making purchases on online stores you already use is a great way to get points fast.

Opinion Outpost

This is a survey site that uses a point system. The points can be used to redeem gift cards from the site. It looks like they also have cash prize contests!


This is also a microwork type site. Writing content, web research, and it looks like surveys as well are the type of work on this site. Pays via Paypal.


Work from home reviewing and categorizing recorded phone calls.

User Testing

Get paid to complete testing for websites and apps! Pays via Paypal 7 days after you complete a test.


This one is kind of in between of microwork and higher paying work so I just put it here. (: This is a great transcription/typing opportunity! No experience required, just apply, pass the test, and start working (wherever and whenever you choose). Pays $5 – 25/audio hour via Paypal with a bonus for every 3 hours completed!

Higher Paying/Contract Based

Service 800

Work from home as a customer service rep. This does appear to be a calls job as well.


Work at home call center type work. Offers paid training and benefits!


Great opportunity that has various customer service and moderation jobs.

Working Solutions

You can apply to work here as a call center type customer service rep. You will need to pass an assessment first in order to become an agent.


Many good opportunities with this company, a common one is social media evaluation. It also offers a variety of benefits listed on the linked page!


Work for Appen doing social media evaluation and/or web search evaluation! This is contract work for these positions.

Accutran Global

This company hires for transcription for clients around the world and in a variety of topics. From my research, it appears they pay once a month on the 15th via Paypal or check! Bonuses are also offered for certain kinds of work.

Great American Opportunities

This company hires for data entry positions and has a good reputation. There is no application on it. You will need to email them with your full name, phone number, and address in your first email.

Pearl Interactive Network

This is a customer service opportunity and looks like there may be both phone and non-phone support!


This is a transcription opportunity. Pays every Monday via Paypal!


Work with Zirtual doing virtual assisting work. This is US based only at this time.


Get paid to test websites and there is no experience required!

Job Boards





Thanks so much for reading and best of luck! I do try to update this list regularly to provide the best opportunities available!

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